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        Sparked by our commitment to healthy, clean food choices and inspired by time spent in Hawaii, Coffee Bank includes a Living Foods section that features Acai bowls, frozen yogurt and smoothies.

        About Us

        The Living Foods mission is to provide our local community healthy and top quality superfood options to promote an alternative to convenient clean eating. We believe in using only local organic fruits and vegetables in our acai bowls, smoothies and yogurt toppings. As such, our offerings will reflect seasonally optimal produce. No dairy, no ice and no artificial sweeteners.
        We stumbled upon Açaí bowls while vacationing in Hawaii. These traditional Brazilian treats were prepared beautifully and they were absolutely delicious. When we returned home, we set out to find them locally but discovered that not all Açaí bowls are created equally.

        Açaí is a palm berry and is considered a mega superfood packed full of nutrients and antioxidants native to South America. The base and foundation of the Açaí bowl consists of the Açaí berry blended to create a thick creamy consistency, topped with organic fruits and granola, honey, and other super-foods custom-made to your liking.

        Living Foods sources fresh ingredients so you can be sure that you are eating clean. All bowls are topped with a variety of the freshest fruit, honey, organic granola, and organic coconut shreds. Our Açaí bowls are sweetened with date juice as opposed to sugar or artificial sweeteners. Living Foods does not use any dairy or soy in any of our bowls or smoothies, so if you are Vegan, we got you covered!


        Do you have vegetarian and vegan options?

        Are your ingredients ethically and sustainably sourced?

        Can I get an Acai bowl to go?

        Are Acai bowls good for dieting?

        If I take it home, how long will my acai bowl or smoothe last in the refrigerator?


        Yes, both! Our Acai bowls and smoothies are non dairy. We also have a fabulous line of vegan pastries and cupcakes for those in search of a sweet treat.